How the Left Nearly Destroyed the United States.

(Official White House photograph)


For 8 years now the left has controlled the United States government; The right simply along for the ride.  Lying in the wake are failures such as Obama-care, Fast and furious, and the Iran Policy (to name a few). Our beloved USA has lost sight of what we are!


2008: The beginning of the end.

Promises of change, quickly convert into more backroom deals, more favors for lobbyists, and less transparency. The pledge of bipartisan collaboration dissolved like an Alka-seltzer in a blue-color American’s drink. Healthcare Legislation was passed which we didn’t want or need, and our “representatives” didn’t even read.

What kind of Liberal Jedi mind trick is this?

“We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”?

Nancy, we don’t know how to tell you this… You’re mentally deficient.  Perhaps this logic stands up in California, but the rest of us aren’t new. Our legislators passing bills they don’t understand is a large contributor to the left’s path of destruction.


“Divide and conquer.”

Fast forward to 2014. The left-wing media begins to prop up every police shooting involving a black person being shot.
Every. Single. Case.

“But the police officer was black too.” “Run it anyway!”

Social unrest is on the rise, and many riots break out across the US.  Each new example brings a new news headline, more riots, and more ratings for the media.  Police officers are executed from Dallas to Iowa, strictly for wearing the uniform.

Many black people feel more racial divide in the United States than they have in their entire lives. According to

If you think America is a land of oppression instead of a land of freedom, you will sow social discord. That’s President Obama’s legacy.


The left has mobilized “divide and conquer” through identity politics. For those unfamiliar with this tactic:

noun: identity politics

  1. a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics.

From Black Live Matter to Occupy Wall Street, the left has created various sects who feel they’ve been on the receiving end of injustice. Believing it’s America’s fault, these groups fully support the left’s agenda to dismantle our 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and more.


Enter “The Social Justice Movement”.

The regressive left begins to lift off on college campuses. Social justice warriors are soon born. Bigoteers spread hate across the nation under the guise of tolerance. It is now commonplace to believe that disagreeing with ideas, is equivalent to hating someone for who they are. Even turning on their own, Bill Maher.

“This is just another example of [Maher’s] casual racism and anti-Muslim bigotry,” Hooper told ThinkProgress. “It has become part of his public persona, and that’s unfortunate.”

But Hooper also argued that the segment, while offensive on its own, is part of Maher’s unsettling tendency to drum up anti-Islam sentiment within progressive circles — something he said liberals should reject.

“He legitimizes Islamophobia on the left,” Hooper said. “I don’t view bigotry or intolerance as liberal or progressive.”


The Trump Train!

In the midst of all of these failures, our country had nearly forgotten where we started. Rebellion from a tyrannical government. Fortunately for us, our forefathers created one of the most brilliant democracies in the world.  Through the election of Donald Trump, we are now able to take our country back!

God Bless the USA.

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