Participation trophies are the problem.

Once a great nation of hard-working men and women, the United States has become a breeding ground for failure. Do you ever stop to wonder, “Where did we go wrong?”.

College campuses of old were strongholds of free speech and free thought. Young men and women expanded their horizons and prepared themselves for success. Unfortunately while tuition has risen, quality education has declined. Universities are coddling students worse than spoiled toddlers. They’ve created Safe Spaces, Trigger warnings, and labeled diverse thought as “Hate speech”. In the process, completely undermining our 1st Amendment. Enter, the “Special Snowflake”.

Why take tests anymore? We can hand out participation diplomas!

Special snowflake children have been told they can be and do anything they want to, which couldn’t be any more true. Mom and Dad forgot to mention; You have to work hard and earn it! You might fail 1000 times before you succeed. Those failures are part of what makes success feel so good!


But why is this really happening?

Envy… Green, resentful, brick throwing envy. Most special snowflakes begrudgingly look at success and think, “Why does he deserve that BMW?”, or, “Why doesn’t 15th place get a trophy?”. This line of thought is childish and has no place in our United States. These snowflakes need to realize that he earned that BMW trough hard work, and you can too! 15th place shouldn’t be considered winning. Obviously someone is going to land in 15th place, and they shouldn’t be discouraged. 15th place should tell you, “Hey, I’m glad you’re competing, but you’re going to have to try harder next time”. Losing should only serve as motivation to win! Only through accepting these facts can these children grow up and succeed for themselves.


Let all the snowflakes know… Life is not graded on a curve, but there is room for everyone to succeed!

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