Barack Obama: A Presidency of Bitter Disappointment

obama failure


From our still crumbling economy to the state of race relations, Barack Obama’s presidency is laced with disappointment and despair.  He ran his election campaign on bi-partisanship and transparency.  8 Years of Obama will now make those statements laughable. His tenure began with hope and promise; Only to fizzle out with out so much as a legacy to claim, as the ACA will be repealed and replaced in the near future.  Here’s the top three reasons Obama will not be remembered fondly.


The Affordable Care Act (Obama-care).

Obamacare had to be passed, so we could see what was in the bill; According to Nancy Pelosi. Well Nancy, we see what’s in the bill now and frankly, we’re not happy. Premiums have skyrocketed at record rates! However, Obama’s farewell address will tell you they are at record low rates. Obviously he’s not the one paying them or he’d know better. Sure, forcing people at gunpoint to buy health insurance sounds good, if only that pesky constitution didn’t get in the way!  The bill was inadequate to say the least, and will be gone soon!


Adding over 7 Trillion To The Nation Debt.

A record amount, Congratulations Barack! In case Bill Clinton had convinced the US that the democratic party was the party of balanced budgets, Obama set the record straight. What’s the excuse again? Bush? Even after 8 years!?!?! Barry did inherit a nasty deficit, but there is NO excuse for these results. Multiple threats of government shutdown and sequesters, still couldn’t get the spending under control.  “But it’s the Republicans!”.


Underestimating ISIS, While Undermining Allies.

Refusing to admit that Islamic terror exists is just the tip of the iceberg.  Barack not only wouldn’t mention it, his policies allowed for it to grow and even supported it. Barack also had the audacity to claim that no acts of terrorism were carried out on US soil during his reign. As if Fort Hood, San Bernadino, and The Boston Marathon never happened. See the complete list here.  It’s insulting to those directly affected, and it’s insulting to all of us. Obama should be ashamed.

Obama disrespects Israel.  Israel is the only democracy in the middle east which supports similar values as the United States. They have long been a friend and ally to the US. It’s a disgrace that our president would suggest they give away their land to Palestine, suggesting they go back to pre-1967 boarders.


Thank GOD That’s Over!

God Bless the USA.