The Word “Racism” Is Dead

liberal who cried racist

Thanks to 2016 The Word “Racism” Along With A Slew Of Other Words, Now Have Little To No Meaning.

The Regressive Left is 100% to blame. We can no longer have honest conversations about the problems we all face, without bigoteers (yes, we had to create a word for them) crying “racist”, “bigot”, or “homophobe”. The unintended side effect of this sloppy miscategorization; These words no longer mean what they used to.



The Liberal Who Cried “Racist”

Racism is definitely still alive and well (though not at 1960’s levels), and it’s certainly a problem. We can all agree that injustices happen every day. However, the left has thrown the baby out with the bathwater through condemning everyone who disagrees with them as racist. Anti-police activists were so quick to call the shooting of Sylville Smith an act of racism, they didn’t even realize the officer was black. Now that we’ve all been labeled as racist bigots, it means absolutely nothing.
thats racist

We Leave You With The Un-Official List Of Lost Words:


Rest In Peace

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