If You Think Donald Trump Is Racist: You’ve Been Tricked.

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The MSM Has Spread Outright Lies To The American Public, And It’s Time Someone Spoke Up.

If you believe that in the 2016 election America elected its first openly racist president, this article may not be for you.  But for all of your friends and neighbors who are tired of seeing you share half-witted Huffington Post articles incessantly on Facebook, we aim to provide some sanity.

Not only is Donald Trump not a racist, his track record shows the exact opposite.

A frightening amount of us actually believe our President is a known bigot. But how did this happen? In 1999, Donald Trump was applauded for being, “A Champion of Minority Empowerment”.  Jesse Jackson identified Donald Trump as a friend to all minority communities. Then, came the presidential campaign. The left wing media will label anyone running as a republican as a racist.

But he claimed a judge was biased because “He’s A Mexican”

If one truly considers Trump a racist, they must take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Attempt to analyze the evidence from an unbiased and unemotional perspective. Consider the following:

  • While running for president, Trump promoted deporting illegal Mexican aliens.
  • This measure was not popular with many Mexican and even American citizens.
  • Judge Curiel’s parents immigrated from Mexico and have a rich Mexican heritage.

To say for certainty that Judge Curiel had ZERO bias is disingenuous. Trump cannot be held as racist simply for holding policy beliefs which are unpopular with Mexican people, and then assuming people of that descent could be biased against him. To present this another way; Consider the exact same situation but replace Mexico with any other country, such as Russia:

Donald Trump holds a policy position which is very unpopular with the people of Russia. The Judge presiding over his court case is of Russian discent, and his parents both imigrated from Russia.  Trump belives this judge could be biased in his ruling.

Whether or not there is bias is another story. I would hope any Federal US Judge could put personal issues aside. However, this is no sign Trump is racially biased.

The mainstream media has hammered this misconception of racism into many Americans.  So the next time your wife’s cousin shares a Mic.com article about how disgustingly intolerant our President is, keep in mind that the media’s persuasion is real. They know not what they spew.

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