‘Radical’ Tax Reform is Non-Negotiable

Trump Tax Reform Underway

trump tax reform

Congress has made it perfectly clear; We’re not getting rid of Obama-care anytime soon.

The replacement of Obama-care was a crucial piece of Trump’s campaign. The president is now turning his focus to tax reform. A much needed financial relief for millions of Americans, struggling to get by with the current tax burden. For the “King of the deal”, this issue is non-negotiable. The Trump tax plan can be seen here. It is very simple and benefits everyone. Lower taxes for the poor, the middle class, and businesses. In fact, the only people who might see taxes raise are the wealthy. The president MUST pass this tax reform to fulfill the promises he made to his constituents.

Liberal news anchors are outright lying about Trump’s tax plan:

Nearly all of New York City’s millionaires would receive big tax cuts under President Donald Trump’s proposed tax overhaul, while more than one-third of moderate- and middle-income families would face increases, according to a government report issued on Thursday.

According to Trump’s proposal, married couples making between 50-100K would pay 10% income tax.  Couples making 100-300k would pay 20%. Hilary Russ certainly must be living on some other planet to believe that this proposal would leave middle America worse off.

President Trump met on Thursday with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to discuss tax reform as the White House enters its “first stages” of tackling the issue, according to WH press secretary Spicer.

Mnuchin, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and others in the White House “have been meeting with and hearing from stakeholders on all sides of the tax-reform debate,” Spicer said.

Trump and his advisers “will continue to meet with those who support and oppose the various the policy options as they all sit on the table,because the president is committed to delivering results that the American people and American businesses will be able to see and feel in their paychecks,” he added.

H/T: The Hill