Elizabeth Warren Action Figures: Coming to Stores Near You!

Pocahontas Attachments Sold Separately

(Mobile Conservative) — It’s the action figured we didn’t even know we didn’t want… The Kickstarter campaign for Elizabeth Warren action figures has one week remaining, and already earned $136,533 in pledged contributions (at the time of writing this), which smashes its goal of $15,000.

Unfortunately, that means the project will undoubtedly go into production. Soon your left-wing friends will be playing with Pocahontas dolls. Good thing they have safe spaces to do so!

The Campain States, “Let’s turn Elizabeth Warren into an action figure that can bring the fight to the Right!”

But Wait! There’s more!

Act now, and for a limited time, you can also order all of your favorite race-baiting socialists!

And the grand finale… You can fight “Evil Trump” vs. Pocahontas.

Let us know what you think of Snowflakes playing with dolls, in the comments below!


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