London Riots: BLM Protesters Setting Fires and Looting

Four officers have already been taken to hospital as a result of a violent Black Lives Matter rally in east London.

(Mobile Conservative) — What began as a #BLM protest, quickly turned violent. The protest was called after the death of Edir Frederico Da Costa, 25, on the 21st of June, six days after Metropolitan Police officers in Newham stopped him in a car.

These activists claim Da Costa was beaten by police, causing a spinal injury and death. However, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said a preliminary post-mortem indicated there were no spinal injuries caused by policeProtesters turned into rioters, the proceeded to set fires, loot, and assault police officers.

This is a typical “hands up don’t shoot” scenario. A thug died. We’re upset because he’s black.”

Amateur video:


The protest started on Sunday afternoon with people holding Black Lives Matter signs made by a group called Stand Up to Racism, which is connected to the disgraced Socialist Workers Party.



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