Black Woman Writes about Carrying Weapons, NYT Commentors Explode

Antonia Okafor, a graduate student at the University of Texas, Dallas, wrote a piece for the New York Times which absolutely blew up. Antonia grew up in a left leaning household. However, after experiencing life for herself, she is now an NRA member.

Antonia explained a few of the reasons why she has chosen NOT to be a victim in her article:

“I was taking all my classes at night so I could work during the day. Every evening, after class got out around 10, I had to walk through the sprawling parking lots to get to my car. I dreaded that time of day. I would pray that no one was lurking in dimly lit areas or behind cars, and I’d try not to think about the campus police alerts I’d seen about sexual assaults in the area.

I had survived such an assault myself when I was a child. The incident left me acutely aware of the realities of being preyed upon just because you are physically smaller and less likely to protect yourself. I know what it means to feel defenseless.

Her reasoning is spot on. Why should women allow themselves to be victims, when the tools to protect themselves EXIST.

This argument doesn’t sit well with Lefty NYT readers though.

Steven Lord of Monrovia, CA:

“Would it not be better to demand that the campus police to have a patrol present in the lots where night classes let out, and to always provide personal escorts (without exception) to students and staff when requested, as they did at my school?”

Sounds good!

Also, we should assign firemen to every home in America — so when a fire breaks out, we’re covered!

Joshua Schwartz of Ramat-Gan:

“Unless Ms. Okafor is properly trained, there is a better chance that if she tries to use her weapon she will miss, or hit somebody innocent, have it taken from her by a stronger and more violent-prone assailant who might then use it on her etc. etc. etc. There is also the chance for accidents in general causing her and others harm.
Various sprays are probably better.”

How astute of Joshua! Untrained gunmen do sound very dangerous! However, Those who choose to exercise their second amendment rights and carry a weapon are properly trained, and do NOT “miss or hit somebody innocent.” How do we know this? Simply because the media would parade it every time it happened, and it doesn’t.

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