Leftist Anti-Fascist Group to Open Gym, Preparing for ‘Coming War’

Leftists Fear Violence From Trump Supporters

“I don’t want to interrupt you, but those are totally made up statistics” -Carlson

(Mobile Conservative) — The violent leftist group “Antifa,” aka “Anti-Fascists” (I know, very ironic), has decided to start a gym to begin training for “self defense” to protect themselves from the enormous waves of violent Trump supporters, *caugh* Bulls**t.

According to Tucker Carlson’s guest last night, “There’s been a 20% increase in hate crimes, both nationally, and in the city of Chicago. […] there’s been an increase in racism and xenophobia, and that we feel that it’s necessary for us to learn self defense skills.”

Tucker doesn’t hesitate to call this lefty on her BS; and it’s quite enjoyable to watch.


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