Newsweek Cover: ‘Lazy Boy’ Depicts a Couch Potato Trump

Newsweek PUMPS OUT Fake News Just As Efficiently as CNN.

The embarrassingly inaccurate cover was accompanied by an article written by Alexander Nazaryan, which rips the President’s work ethic — or lack thereof.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“When the weekend concludes, Trump returns to the D.C. swamp with all the enthusiasm of an office lackey slouching toward his cubicle on Monday morning. Only six months in, he seems “a most unhappy warrior,” in the words of Trump biographer and CNN commentator Michael D’Antonio. The scowl that haunts his face, the monotone he uses to deliver official pronouncements: These suggest a second-term lame duck dreaming of a lucrative post-Washington book deal.”

Funny how Newsweek so casually mentions the swamp, they are clearly beholden to…

The only reports of President Trump’s work ethic have been A+ thus far. The President hardly sleeps; because he’s too busy FIGHTING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Newsweek, you ARE the swamp, and we’re tired of you.