HuffPo: “Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy

“Is the football season over yet?” ~America

Huffington Post contributor Jesse Benn has concluded that “any white athlete who stands during the national anthem is in full support of white supremacy.” His logic is as baffling as the picture he chose to post at the top of his article, which shows two white Cleveland Browns players and one black player standing. The black player must be a white supremacist, too!

What these insane liberals fail to realize, is that most people on the right agree that these NFL center stage babies have the absolute right to kneel during the national anthem. This does NOT mean that they are above criticism! Just because you have rights and freedom in America, does not give you a pass to be an asshole. These babies are biting the hand that feeds them.

If America is so awful, perhaps they should move somewhere with more freedom?

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Black supremacist Tariq Nasheed tweeted the article in full support: (Be sure to drop him a tweet, and let him know how you feel)

When will this madness end? Comment your thoughts below!