America — a nation governed by the rule of law self


The people of this nation have been taught the only “law” that matters is their own.

Self is more important than any rule or law or system. If self says I feel harmed, then the person/group doing the harming is wrong and should be punished. Self doesn’t need to follow laws. Self knows right from wrong. Self is all that matters. Anything that disagrees with self is hateful/racist/bigoted/evil. Self rules the day. As long as you agree with self, you’re on the “right” side of what matters most – that self feel good about self.

We’ve given up the rule of law for the rule of self. No one cares about what anyone thinks unless they think the way they’re suppose to. Welcome to the new world order where freedom means thinking exactly what you’re suppose to and nothing outside that little box. Acceptance is only given if the concepts fall in line with the selfish police. If anyone does not agree, woe unto them for the selfish among us will chastise, berate, belittle, and physically intimidate/punish the misguided until they either fall in line or are silenced.