NYT is confused why “Allahu akbar” has become intertwined with terrorism.

It’s really no secret…

(Mobile Conservative) — When it becomes commonplace for murderous terrorists to shout “Allahu akbar” before they slaughter innocent people; Average American’s have come to associate the two.

The New York Times posted today:

“Allahu akbar” has somehow become inextricably intertwined with terrorism. Its real meaning is far more innocent. https://t.co/HO5PIE3p77

— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 2, 2017

The meaning behind the phrase “Allah is [the] greatest,” would be much more innocent, if so many innocent lives weren’t taken in the name of the aforementioned Allah.

The NYTimes now also ran an op-ed further feeding their readers with examples of “non-violent instances” in which Allahu Akbar is used.

Because we all know the real victim here is the phrase “Allahu akbar,” not the dead Americans…

“I say ‘Allahu akbar’ out loud more than 100 times a day. Yesterday, I uttered it several times during my late-evening Isha prayer,” the op-ed reads. “Earlier, during dinner, I said it with my mouth full after biting into my succulent halal chicken kebab.”

The New York Times is a Fake news sham of an organization (see. Project Veritas)