Mika Brzezinski Sets Internet On Fire With 5 Words After Franken’s Resignation

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski reacted to Franken announcing his impending resignation with these five words:

“This does not feel right.”

Franken said Thursday on the floor of the Senate that he will be resigning “in the coming weeks.” (Can you make it sooner please!?!?) He now faces backlash from allegations by eight women that say he groped or touched them inappropriately, but during his Senate speech, he did not apologize, saying that some of the accusations are false and that other incidents he remembered differently. Disgusting.

The instances of sexual assault came from a diverse chorus of women and spanned decades. Dozens of his Senate colleagues called for his resignation Wednesday. Mika’s hypocrissy knows no limits, and twitter users did not let her off easy…

The best response to Mika:

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